South Korea showroom opening dazzles the senses

South Korea showroom _MG_6353

A new South Korea showroom is always worth a celebration. The brand new Yungsong showroom in Seoul, South Korea, was a great opportunity for the Korean team to invite media and architects and designers for a fun-filled afternoon.   South Korea showroom Picture42Under the theme ‘The scent of Kohler’, guests learned about the new space and the brand through the lens of five senses. The presentation on 7 November in the afternoon kicked off the event with lots of information about new products and design concepts.  South Korea showroom _MG_6219Following was a tour around the 65 square meter bathroom showroom where visitors could see the concepts applied to different, richly decorated suites with flowers. Everyone could test seven types of customized room sprays on handy postcards.   South Korea showroom _MG_6327The suite then became their own, special space that spoke to one or more of the human senses and is more memorable as it has its unique, one-of-a-kind scent.  Kohler South Korea showroom Picture15In collaboration with Incentlab and France ISIPCA, scents for each bathroom suite scent was created based on the theme and atmosphere:

  • Reve suite received a woody and bold scent by the perfumer Ambery Woody.
  • Tresham – a more powdery and light botanical scent.
  • Artifacts were all about a peppery, vintage smell.
  • Memoirs remain in thoughts with a citrus, bergamot, and woody note attached.
  • Karing is the mental image of a soapy and clean flower.
  • San Raphael has an aquatic wave and airy sniff attached.
  • Artist Editions Dutchmaster and Prairie Flowers remind visitors of English musk and heavily scented flower bouquets.

South Korea showroom _MG_6240The 80 guests consisting of architects, designers, media, and influencers enjoyed the new South Korea showroom of our distributor Yungsong that was designed with the idea in mind to give shoppers a special experience walking through the space.   South Korea showroom _MG_6696For invited guests, there were gifts of room incense of choice, discount vouchers, the postcards of the beautifully curated suites enveloped in the Scent Tour guide as a souvenir, and the KOHLER magazine.   South Korea showroom _MG_6210The new Yungsong showroom is located at 1490-48 Seocho-dong in Seocho-gu, Seoul.  South Korea showroom _MG_6358Other noteworthy showrooms in South Korea: Gimpo Airport women’s bathroom, Gimpo Airport men’s restroom.

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