SP-Arte 2019 Sao Paulo adds design section

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The SP-Arte 2019 in Sao Paulo takes place for the 15th time this year and is expanding into new fields. The contemporary art fair and festival that takes Sao Paulo over from April 4 to 7, 2019, is an international meeting place for artists, gallerists, collectors, buyers, and now designers.

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For the first time, the organizers add a specific section on design to the festival at the iconic Bienal Pavilion. While the event has been expanding from year to year, SP-Arte 2019 is more international than before with confirmed participation of well-known galleries such as David Zwirner – for the seventh time – as well as locally known names.

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The section on independent designers that was launched last year, returns to offer a platform for Brazilian designers promoting their work without the support of a gallery. This area stimulates innovation and new approaches.

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For the first time, SP-Arte 2019 will present furniture design. Brazilian architects Dado Castello Branco, Lia Siqueira, Porfirio Valadares, and Rodrigo Ohtake showcase their latest designs and ideas to the art-interested public.

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The SP-Arte 2019 fair is complemented with talks and panel discussions about contemporary art and also design. The public can leisurely engage with artists and designers to learn more about the creative processes and their design thinking.

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After fifteen years, the SP-Arte festival is a well-established event in Sao Paulo that attracts stakeholders in the art market from all over Latin America and far beyond. The whole city is engaged in SP-Arte 2019 that expands to museums, galleries, and cultural institutions in Sao Paulo, encouraging pop-up events and new venues.

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The event helped to professionalize the Latin American art market and brings global trends to the Brazilian market as well as promoting local art. It provides a dialogue for curators and collectors to take Brazilian creations out into the world.

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