SP Arte Sao Paulo – Latin America’s art and design landscape

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After last month’s Revsestir, Brazil’s creative landscape and economy show themselves in the best light during SP Arte from 11 to 15 April 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Curators, collectors, artists, galleries, art lovers and admirers flock to the Oscar Niemeyer Bienal Pavilion to see the latest and greatest in Latin American and international art and design.SP Arte 40735162062_540bf1950a_zThe 14th edition of SP Arte is not confined to the Pavilion but spread out throughout the city with over 180 events in different locations including discussions, show openings, book launches, special tours, awards, and in general an overview of the art scene. The local museums and cultural institutions celebrate together with the SP Arte organizers modern and contemporary art and artists and design.SP Arte 27457032378_d1c50cca44_zThe main exhibition will portray 160 exhibitors and 2,000 artists from 15 countries. To emphasize the local art scene extra space has been given to 12 emerging galleries from Sao Paulo that have existed less than three years.SP Arte 39293107444_c9ea26a1e8_z

In the Solo sector, visitors can deep-dive into a select number of artists works and learn more about their processes and details. These include among others Dieter Roth, Lotty Rosenfeld, Mladen Stilinovic.SP Arte 40083931174_d13d468821_zThe second edition of Repertoire shows art pieces up to 1980. Jacopo Crivelli Visconti, an Italian curator and writer based in Sao Paulo, chose international and Brazilian artists to show diversity. Some highlights in this part of the exhibition include Ione Saldanha, Victor Gerhard, and Arnaldo de Melo.SP Arte 39489676925_510bcc8cd0_zUnder ‘Design’ the exhibitors of SP Arte show a full range of Brazilian iconic designs with a variety from old to modern furniture, light, tapestry, and more. In this area, 12 independent designers have been put in the spotlight to present their craft and art.SP Arte 40044078195_3a4efafb27_m

The presentations, talks, and discussions center on Sao Paulo architecture, gender diversity, digital art, and new practices of collecting.SP Arte 26230182638_d672fe4c25_zSP Art is an excellent platform for cultural and artistic exchanges in a friendly setting. Art and design experts experience the latest trends and tendencies in the industry and have a chance to meet up with like-minded friends and colleagues.

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