Azko Nobel and Dulux Color of the Year: Spiced Honey

AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey aab75557_rgb_S A


Nearing fall, the paint companies reveal the results of their creative teams’ discussions and customer survey groups about color. In September, AkzoNobel and their wonderful team in the Netherlands at the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Centre, led by Creative Director Heleen Van Gent, published their latest findings on Decorative Paints’ trends. The answer for 2019 is ‘Spiced honey’.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey colour-of-the-year-2019-spiced-honey-1536022785The color of the year represents the consumer sentiments around the globe. After some unsettling events, a mutual feeling of regrouping and retreating has ensued last year, but now it is time to return to the world, show some action, kindness, and participate in change.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey bbb01899_SThe amber, warm hues of Spiced Honey will give the active homeowner a wonderful, calming atmosphere to come home to and to enjoy recharging their batteries after spending all this energy on getting things done outside the house.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey honey-823614_640The nourishing, yet stimulating effect of the color infuses the inhabitant of the space with optimism and purpose. The rich properties of honey attributed to the color engulf everyone in a natural, healing, and timeless feeling.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey jaa01019_SSpiced Honey is spotted in fashion, architecture, design, and blending perfectly into interior design projects, complementing other soft colors and rich neutrals, and bringing out surfaces in intense burgundy or sophisticated deep blue.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey jaa22571_SIt is easily combined with polished wood, mid-century furniture, rugs, and textiles. All elements that add to the notion of getting centered and serene at home.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey zac01847_rgb-SThe unobtrusive hue is an excellent backdrop for hand-crafted, artisanal furniture and vintage pieces that have been repainted to fit the space.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey bbb01632_SIt perfectly supports the global trend of personalization, comfort, and ease, and gives every home an elegant touch that is at the same time inviting, quite grown up and warm. Spiced Honey reflects the contemporary sense across markets, geographies, and regions. Wherever it shows up, people will feel at home.  AkzoNobel Color of the year spiced honey aab75556_rgb_SFor more color trends see Passion Flower, Ultraviolet, and Heart Wood.

Source: Some photos are courtesy of AkzoNobel color of the year spiced honey

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