Sweet, sweet architecture

Dinara Kasko, an Ukrainian pastry chef and former architect and designer, approaches her dessert creations as if they were architectural designs. She experiments with materials, textures, forms, volumes, proportions – all edible, of course!After her studies she worked as an architect, designer and 3D visualizer as well as a photographer, but soon realized her real passion is in pastry making. Her creations are well-balanced solutions to her ideas and visualizations.Thanks to new technologies the world of pastry as the architectural world has seen a lot of change. Dinara designs her cake molds on her computer, uses 3D modeling and 3D printing to finally mold the forms in silicon. Recently she has found a silicon production company that will mass produce some of her custom-made molds.In times of snapchat, Dinara with her architectural cake-designs is totally fashionable. One moment, you have a beautiful, artful, delicate dessert. The next (or shall we say after a few bites) it is all gone.Photo source: Dinara Kasko Instagram


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