Taiwan: precious rice fields and countrysides


Wu Peishan interpreted the subtheme “Born in Taiwan” with two art pieces reflecting on the rice fields and countrysides of her home country Taiwan.

picture16Wu Peishan’s first piece for this exhibition is “What are you thinking?”. The art piece is influenced by the stability, simplicity, honesty, and continuity of the Taiwanese countryside.
While the current Taiwanese cultural climate appears to be unbalanced and the Taiwanese people feel embarrassed, alone and doubtful – even hopeless – at times, there is a basis and a pride to return to their roots.
The Taiwanese eagerly look towards the future and continue to create their unique identity to be recognized and respected on the global stage.

This art piece “What are you thinking” was made out of stainless steel.3edb2322b6941269edb13b43a3246576picture17Peishan’s second piece “The Beautiful Farmland” is an ode to the simplicity of rural Taiwan. She views the stability and pureness of it as the most precious basis for Taiwanese culture. The rice fields symbolize the honest and stable Taiwan to her.

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