Taiwan’s generation gap visually depicted


Under the subtheme “Born in Taiwan” Chen An’an explored the meaning of being Taiwanese and the expression of her identity.chenanan_taiwan2Her first exhibition piece “Dinner” is an interpretation of her experience with her grandmother. The generation gap surfaced through language differences (Mandarin and Taiwanese) and different lifestyles (rural and urban).

The dining room in Asian culture is one of the most important spaces in the house. If a person is sitting by himself or herself at the table, the feeling is exceptionally lonely and isolated.

picture14The second art piece “I am not silent” is a sculpture that combines ceramics and stainless steel and leaves room for the viewer’s own imagination.dcb181b5d5b982a4fe351481b6d46fe9The headless sculpture represents someone’s struggle who cannot think for himself and get depressed over it. The changing Taiwanese society still forces young people to keep quiet, but inside they struggle with the injustice and corruption they see around them. A new generation is emerging and will not keep silent as could be seen in street protests.197fbc0f02482693eff44a91820d9ce0


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