Tangier is a hub for interior design and arts in North Africa



Just 20 miles across from Spanish Gibraltar, the gateway to Europe, sits the city of Tangier at the tip of North Africa. Laden with history and culture, the second largest industrial city in northern Morocco seems to be unassuming, although it is the birthplace of many dramatic literary works, incredible pieces of art and paintings, and the invaluable source of interior design trends in North Africa.  Tangier beautiful-private-art-600x300Delacroix, Matisse, Tennessee Williams, and the list of famous people goes on, were invariably drawn to the seaport for its mint tea and other drugs of a less legal sort. These might have including the remarkable play of colors and lights in the hot sun that dazzle the beholder. Or the magic moment before the sun sets on the vast ocean.  Tangier tangier-2748865_640Even today, Tangier is a place where production of textiles, metallurgy, vitreous China parts, and other intricate products takes place. Many international companies have set up their production plants near Tangier for a quick and easy export option to Europe and a solid foothold into the quickly expanding and developing African market with its huge potential.    Tangier zaa35343_SThe intricate carving, arched doorways, hidden riads – interior gardens or courtyards -, and colorful fabrics attracted tourists already long ago. Matisse always lodged at the Grand Hotel Villa de France on the hill whereas Yves Saint Laurent made Tangier his hideaway and own a property in town.   Tangier elaborate-entry-way-600x750He remodeled the Villa Mabrouka (English: luck) with its artfully layered spaces in a modernist, tending to a minimalist style. Without erasing the Moroccan features the interior design makes this house so unique.    Tangier HL_loungebar01_11_675x359_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterThe cosmopolitan city that was rumored to be a haven for spies is a mix of European, Spanish, Moorish architecture influenced by the mixed African, European and distinctly Muslim population. Today the city attracts tourists seeking the sun on the nearby beaches and capture the spirit of old Tangier. Some come to load up on the latest interior design trends in the gateway to Africa.  Tangier tangier-3316015_1280

Source: some photos of Tangier are courtesy of booking.com, mimar interiors, Hilton Hotels.

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