Tanzania showroom opening – high-end products in the house of peace

Tanzania Showroom abc_kohler_20180209_0100

ABC Emporio, our authorized distributor, opened a new Tanzania showroom in Dar es Salaam, the most populous city in East Africa and the biggest in Tanzania, on 9 February 2018.Tanzania Showroom Dar-es-Salaam-at-duskAs global business solution distributor for high-end sanitary ware, tiles, and building materials, ABC Emporio caters to high-end consumers, investors in real estate, developers of hotels and in the hospitality industry, resort owners, and people who are looking to furnish their luxury residential apartments. Tanzania Showroom 2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000444Although the showroom is not an exclusive Kohler showroom, it sports predominately the Kohler brand and is a great debut for our products and services in the country.Tanzania Showroom 2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000423Choosing Dar es Salaam, also called the ‘house of peace’, as a base in East Africa is a long-term strategy for both ABC Emporio and us. The city is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. According to some sources, it will be the second largest city on earth by 2100. Tanzania Showroom tanzania-638302_640In Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is the center of finance, arts and entertainment, and fashion. It is also the port of access for the land-locked neighboring countries Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zambia.Tanzania Showroom africa-2629970_640The new showroom presents the most innovative bathroom technology. ‘The sanitary ware industry is evolving along with technology, and we are here to give Tanzanians a variety of quality products,’Tanzania Showroom abc_kohler_20180209_0183 ‘as we not only carry high-end products but also affordable, yet elegant products so that a wider range of the Tanzanian market can have options,’ says ABC Emporio Group Chairman Mohammed Hadani during the opening ceremony. Tanzania Showroom abc_kohler_20180209_0025Salil Sadanandan, President K&B South Asia and EMEA, added: ‘we realized the potential especially in East Africa and have subsequently established a presence in Uganda, Kenya and now Tanzania.’
Tanzania Showroom 2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000417Some of these new products on display are Veil Intelligent Toilet, DTV+ Digital showering system, Composed and Avid faucet collections.
Tanzania Showroom 2018-02-12-PHOTO-00000416In honor of this neighborhood, we invited two renown Tanzanian artists to create unique art pieces for the grand opening of the showroom. Tanzania Showroom IMG_4425Kassim Kisoma and Ally Mbalami got their inspiration for their creation by the name of the neighborhood and the Artist Editions Marrakesh™ faucet and sink.Tanzania Showroom abc_kohler_20180209_0099

The showroom is located in the Morocco Area on New Bagmoyo Road in the Regent Estate in Dar es Salaam.

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