Khaeng Khoi Hospital in Thailand receives medical equipment

Kohler Stewardship Thailand 2017


In December 2017, 32 associates and their families participated in the Kohler Stewardship Thailand Family Car Rally 2017 and helped to build a dam in the Khaeng Khoi Wildlife Sanctuary.Kohler Stewardship Thailand 2017 car rallyThe proceeds of this fundraiser will be used to purchase medical instruments and equipment for the Khaeng Khoi Hospital. The public hospital is one of 18 hospitals in the Saraburi district area and has 30 beds for patients.Kohler Stewardship Thailand 2017 building a damThe village is located about 25 kilometers from Saraburi, where our factory is located and was officially established in 1915 when the railway station was inaugurated. It marks the western end of Khao Yai National Park. In the limestone hills of the region are many caves with stalactites and stalagmites.Kohler Stewardship Thailand 2017 Khaeng Khoi Wildlife Sanctuary is the home to many small animals such as pheasants, jungle fowl, barking deer, mouse deer, monkey, wild boar, squirrel, chipmunks, and various bird species. The newly built dam will help to slow the water flow during the rainy season. It will store water for these animals to get easier access.Kohler Stewardship Thailand 2017 building a damIn addition to the animals, also the farmers can benefit from the dam that was built on clay and sandy ground. The water will help with the irrigation systems of the surrounding plantations.
Apart from the hard work, our team also had a ton of fun and enjoyed helping the community.Kohler Stewardship Thailand 2017

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