The Art from Malaysia


James Seet and his conversation with Janus, the two-faced god.

1.) Janus Past/Present
Traditions and cultures have their roots in my past. This sculptural piece is faceted and each facet represents a glimpse into the past and these pasts form the face of Janus. The patchwork are all interwoven into a unique tapestry, a multi-dimensional way that shapes my present. My past has shaped who I am today.

Take a moment to contemplate on your past.

2.) Janus Present/Future
Are we so used to the finite that we cannot see the infinite? We can’t grab hold of infinity but perhaps we can enable it. Thus we can see beyond tradition and its existence in a modern contextual future. Today is tomorrow’s history but tomorrow starts today. Thus, to live in the now we must allow our minds to live beyond.

Take a moment to mind your future.


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