The Art from Singapore


Thomas Cheong reflects the reality of Singapore and Asia as the so-called advanced technological region.

1.) Time Artifacts
The traces of the human touch are diminishing with the emergence of yet another new invention. By using primitive forming and firing techniques, I hope to communicate through the representation of these objects, a sense of nostalgia and curiosity for how these artifacts were made and not to take the technology we have for granted.

2.) The Shower Experience
The modern day shower experience was definitely inspired by nature, by the rain and the waterfalls, and for centuries, humans have tried to recreate this experience by pouring jugs of water over their heads.

The objects in this installation resemble the form of a modern day showerhead. You are welcome to interact and play with it.  The form is simple and raw, and I hope that this tactile experience will reconnect you to its humble beginnings with nature and perhaps it will bring back fond memories of what your bathing experience was like growing up.

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