The Art from Vietnam

Nguyen Ngoc Lam’s sculptures are inspired by the region’s wet rice cultivation.

1.) The Seeds
Brass treated through high temperature burning is poured into a mixed clay and chaff mold. Using the technique of heating brass at a high temperature and manual carving after a cooling process, the artist created this sculpture in his own artistic language to express the symbol of origins and the transformation toward the future of humankind.

2.) The Tree
Different carving and sculptural techniques are used to create the tree from metal. The art piece is shaped from a clay mold. A negative plaster mold defines the positions for the metal sticks.

Using a welding technique to join the sticks to the tree trunk, the artist created this sculpture to explore the arising of a tree or human being as the bridge connecting the sky with the earth, and connecting the two poles of Ying and Yang.


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