The Kohler Path to Sustainability


The recent 97th PGA Championship, held at Kohler’s stunning Whistling Straits course, showcased to the world the company’s long-held commitment to sustainability.

PGA 2015 - Kohler Whistling Straits

Five pillars of Sustainability were encompassed in the course during the Championship, these being: Maintenance, Irrigation, Concessions and Food Service, On-site Transportation and Waste recycling.


Maintenance – particularly in the form of irrigation – is limited to only the fairways, greens and tees, leaving the hardy Fescue grass unmowed and in its natural state beyond the fairway.

PGA 2015 - Kohler Whistling Straits


Irrigation is designed to conserve water with electronic sensors used to measure the moisture of the soil under the greens and tees. This way irrigation is fine-tuned to only those areas in need – and water is conserved.

Concessions and food service

All food and beverages are locally sourced with the food vendor committed to responsible food sourcing, reduced food waste and environmentally friendly serving ware.

On Site transportation

On-site travel relies on 55-passenger motor coaches that are fuel efficient and limit the carbon footprint of each event. The large capacity coaches also reduce the number of individual shuttle trips.

PGA 2015 - Kohler Whistling Straits

Waste recycling

All waste was processed via recycling containers placed throughout the course and when full, taken to designated sorting locations. Cleaning products were certified safe and non-harmful by Green Seal and the EPA.

Sustainable development has become a corporate mantra for the Kohler Company (and its global manufacturing plants). The company began its journey to Net Zero in 2008 with the global goal to be carbon neutral by 2035.


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