The Lin, Taichung, Taiwan: universe of space and curves

The Lin Hotel Taichung

Taichung City, the third largest city in Taiwan – 190 miles south of Taipei, is known for its excellent shopping, markets, parks, museums, and cuisines. Architecture and design enthusiasts definitely have something to discover here.The Lin Hotel Lobby Staying at the 309-room The Lin hotel that is centrally located grabs the visitors’ attention as it was created with the concept of space in mind. Guests get a kick out of its location in District VII in Taichung’s Administrative Center, the generosity of the lobby and common areas throughout the property.The Lin hotel
The Lin HotelThe floor-to-ceiling windows offer good views of the city; especially from the rooftop fitness centers, there are 180-degree views including the Metropolitan Opera House, towards the mountains and the Maple Garden.The Lin hotel viewWhile the large-size rooms and bathrooms invite to stay in, the Maple Garden might be a welcomed distraction after a long day in meetings or sightseeing.The Lin hotel bathroom It is a well-maintained sunken landscape park, a green sanctuary during the day and a romantic spot with live performances in the evening. From a design standpoint it is quite a unique spot on the map, and just a stone throw away from the Lin hotel. The three hectare garden is dubbed “The Crater” that got its nickname from the original foundation ditch of the abandoned Taichung World Trade Center. Rather than filling the nine meter deep wasteland, the city decided to create a space for residents and tourists to enjoy improved air quality and ecology, learn about the natural drainage system, and to provide peace and quiet right in the city center. Its sunken design makes it seem like you are out of the city while standing right in the most famous scenic spots of Taichung.The Lin hotel bathroomOne might argue that the enormous bathtubs and Jacuzzis at the hotel have a similar effect.The Lin hotel jaccuziSpeaking of swirls and peaking the architectural interest, a stroll down the road to visit the Metropolitan Opera house that was designed in 2014 by the award-winning Japanese conceptual architect Toyo Ito who always intends to create a “whirlpool” with his designs will satisfy this itch. In the opera’s case, he went against the established shapes known in Taichung and Central Western Taiwan. The unique design is an integral part of its purpose – the opera. Toyo Ito created a special place for the flow of air, sound and light. Its curved walls are specially constructed and built a 3-D effect.The Lin hotel

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