Global trend: design concepts of thin materials

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Mark Bickerstaffe, director of new product development, sat down with our team in India to have a closer, more precise look at the contemporary design trend behind our thin, most durable products.  Global Trend Thin A 09-24-09h38m55s016He and his team are always taking in movements, trends, tendencies around the world and translate that understanding into product developments in the Design Studios in the UK, USA, France, India, and China.  Global Trend Thin ripped-2034945_640The teams digest these impressions and integrate them into the latest products and apply them with a heightened precision. New materials and productions are mastered and controlled down to the last detail.  Global Trend Thin A 09h38m45s603Looking at the stunningly beautiful Mica sink with its sleek design of this contemporary product confirms the approach. The Supramic material used is created and developed by our teams to allow a thin-edged ceramic that is harder and more durable than regular vitreous. Its geometric precision and thin form create a centerpiece in any bathroom design.  Global Trend Thin A 09h37m49s385The slim toilet seats stand out for their thinness and sleekness. The quality of the material is as close to a ceramic material as possible. It is a high-grade Thermoset plastic that imitates the vitreous feel but is ten times more durable and has a longer lifespan than the usual polypropylene seats.  Global Trend Thin A 09h40m31s971The material and the seats have been tested thousands and thousands of times and cycles to ensure their functionality. The toilet seats sport an ergonomic design adhering to current design principles. It also allows the seats to be more comfortable for longer.  Global Trend Thin A 09h41m31s112The ultrathin rain shower heads and panels have a thinness of fewer than two millimeters across its entire surface. To achieve this, the teams have put every effort into the details of the design and production. The result is a beautiful, aesthetic component in any bathroom environment.  Global Trend Thin A 09h42m30s002The Loure faucet seems to be designed from a singled sheet of steel folded into the shape of a faucet. This precision of design delivers a feeling of incredible sleekness.  Global Trend Thin A 09h43m04s751Without sacrificing utility and functionality, the bold, modern design is a testament to the global trend of thinness and precision.  Global Trend Thin A 09h42m50s210We are seeking thinness, precision, and sleekness in our daily lives. In India, for example, people are surrounded by dynamism, vibrant energy, noise, some even say constant chaos. However, this is balanced by the inherent foundation of spirituality and calmness of the subcontinent.  Global Trend Thin A 09h36m43s547This concept of speed and slowness is realized in the contemporary, smooth minimalist designs that are accentuated with products of ultra-thinness, quality, and durability.


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