Tips on light bathroom renovations

bathroom remodel


No red lights and alarm whistles need to go off when you hear the word “light renovation”. It comes the time when your bathroom needs an upgrade. This type of renovation does not require any changes to the infrastructure such as bathroom fixtures etc., but can greatly improve first impressions guests and residents have about your home.

Think like hoteliers who want to create a great guest experiences and treat the bathrooms as if at a house staging:

  • Repaint the bathroom with a new, fresh, lively color. In this room, wallpaper is not recommended due to the constant humidity.bathroom color
  • Install LED lightning for color intensity, mood and ambiance.bathroom light
  • Splurge on technology by adding touchless flushing and automatic, hands-free seat cover opening/closing to your toilet.touchless flushing
  • bathroom toilet
  • Make sure the bathtubs and showers sport clean tiles (proper cleaning, grout and caulking).clean grout
    bathroom grout
  • Exchange old showerheads for newer, better technology that are easily adjustable for the right temperature and volume. Or add a timer to start showers or steam.bathroom shower heads
  • Add new towel bars or rings and shelving.bathroom handle bars
  • Buy into the latest trends of bathroom amenities: provide your guests with oversized towels, organically produced soaps, soap-dispensers, extra-soft bathrobes, and maybe set up some scent bowls or candles to create a good and pleasant smell throughout.bathroom towels
    bathroom accessories

These rather small, subtle changes will greatly impact the users’ physical and spiritual well being, because a bathroom is not just a bathroom, but a sanctuary of rejuvenation.

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