Toilet seat takes center stage in ‘Fake plan ride challenge’

Toilet seat FAKE_PLANE_RIDE-770x409

We are not suggesting that you repurpose your toilet seat. However, if you are active on social media and you have no budget to travel to exotic places, this new viral craze might tickle your fancy.

And it involves only your toilet seat at home or some other ordinary household product, and your smartphone.

Shortly after the Lunar New Year, the ‘fake plan ride challenge’ took off in China and on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter – just bigger. According to NetxtShark, a number of self-produced videos with interesting landscapes and other views appeared online. These stunning views from airplane windows were first published on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

Creators are giving the illusion of traveling on an airplane and showing ‘aerial views’. The trompe d’oeil is soon revealed when the camera zooms out to show the airplane oval-shaped plastic frame – say, window – is nothing more than a toilet seat. If the toilet seat is not readily available, creative thinkers have used detergent bottles handles or even plastic stools.

The ‘fake plane flight’ footage is created by holding up the toilet seat or the other mundane household items over either a smartphone screen, a desktop screen saver or even a travel brochure showing an exotic location. The installation is then filmed to give the illusion of being inside of an airplane and filming the scenery outside through the window. The most interesting examples were Mount Fuji in Japan and exotic islands.

The results of the forced perspective through a toilet seat or other items are quite believable at first and have generated more than 27 million views so far. Now, the social media hype is spilling out of China and Asia. The challenge has been picked up by big news outlets in the Western world and we expect the ordinary toilet seat to be one of the most filmed household products in the near future. We encourage you to let your creatives vibes take over and produce some fancy travel illusions as well. 

Other amazing visual illusions: Visoth Kakevei’s paintings.

Source: NextShark, Foxnews, Travel and Leisure Magazine.

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