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The KOHLER Design Forum in Toronto was the biggest event of the KOHLER Design Forum series in 2018 yet. 163 guests joined four world-class speakers at the Globe and Mail Centre meeting facility in Canada’s economic center Toronto on 12 October 2018.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto DSC02962The stunning views, the excellent product displays, and the delicious finger food were just a few reasons for guests, friends, and peers to gather in the late afternoon for the presentation series.  Kohler Design forum Toronto IMG_0711The talks on smart homes, smart living solutions for the aging population, and glimpses of smart apartments, however, were the main attraction to the event.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto IMG_0732Tomos Lewis, Toronto bureau chief of the lifestyle and trend magazine Monocle, our media partner, led through the evening and introduced the presenters artfully.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto IMG_0734David Kohler, president and CEO who flew in from Wisconsin, welcomed everyone to Toronto and opened the first North American KOHLER Design Forum. The event series has so far traveled from various places in China, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East to London last month.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto IMG_0747Coming to Toronto to continue the conversation of Smart Homes and new IoT technologies in the home and in the bathroom confirmed the trend of connectedness. The presentations at the forum help inform architects and designers of the latest developments in the industry.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto IMG_0735Thought leaders Marianne McKenna of KPMB Architects, Professor Dr. Lili Liu of the University of Alberta, Andrew Peek of City & Stay Hotel Group, and Richard Kong, vice-president of our Industrial Design team in K&B Americas gave insightful talks on the subjects. We were excited to round up these stellar speakers. The experts shared their thoughts and views of the near future with the audience and mesmerized everyone with excellent examples of the work they are doing and the trends they are seeing.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto IMG_0773At the end, David Kohler joined the speaker panel and Tomos led through an animated discussion on connecting the dots in IoT, design, and modern living.  Kohler Design Forum Toronto IMG_0776


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