Canada’s minimalist country home

Toronto Stouffville country home 45015-preview_low_3300-1_45015_sc_v2com


In the rural country surrounding Toronto, Ontario’s biggest city and Canada’s financial center, a minimalist, clean-lined country home beautifies the hilly landscape.  Toronto Stouffville country home canada-2656639_640The team at Trevor McIvor Architect Inc. under the guidance of Trevor designed the 465 square-meter single-family residence in Stouffville. They took inspiration from the stonewalls scattered in the green fields surrounding the project area.  Toronto Stouffville country home 44900-preview_low_3300-1_44900_sc_v2comThe house has a grounded feel with the low stone wall surrounding the base that set the stage for several translucent glass boxes that seemingly sit on top of it. The large floor-to-ceiling windows allow lots of natural daylight, great views, and at the same time minimize the impact on the environment. The cantilever roof makes the structure dynamic and floating.  Toronto Stouffville country home 44889-preview_low_3300-1_44889_sc_v2comThe public areas of the house are in the center from where the private rooms branch off. The living and dining room with its interior design extends out onto the wooden terrace celebrating the minimalism of the overall design. During the warm and humid summer months, this patio serves as an additional room to enjoy the family life and enjoy the closeness to nature.  Toronto Stouffville country home 44885-preview_low_3300-1_44885_sc_v2comThe three-bedroom home was built with as much local material as possible, including granite, Canadian Cedar, polished concrete, glass, and mahogany. It further sports radiant in-door heating for an all-year comfortable temperature that is certainly needed with winters that can get as cold as below 25 degrees Celsius.  Toronto Stouffville country home 44894-preview_low_3300-1_44894_sc_v2comTrevor McIvor Architect Inc.’s design philosophy is quite simple: collaborate as closely as possible with the future inhabitants of the project and strive to integrate the building as much into the surrounding landscape.  Toronto Stouffville country home 45030-preview_low_3300-1_45030_sc_v2comThe result is a modern, contemporary building with alternative and sustainable energy systems that seems to fit seamlessly into the gentle hills of rural Ontario and reflects the multicultural and cosmopolitan spirit of Toronto.  Toronto Stouffville country home 45021-preview_low_3300-1_45021_sc_v2com

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Source: Toronto’s Stouffville Residence photos are courtesy of v2com.

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