Tree planting initiatives in India and China for a greener life

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Over the last few weeks in May and June, our teams in China and India set out to plant trees to improve the living conditions within their countries and neighborhoods, to improve the environment, and to raise awareness for the protection of nature.  Kohler Tree planting 807489545On 3 May 2018, the China stewardship team continued the tradition to work with non-profit organization China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) on the long-term project of ‘Kohler Forest’.  Kohler Tree planting 1642103435New trees were planted in Qinghai province. This is the eighth year that associates go out into nature and plant young trees to help forestation. Eight years ago, Kohler Company has taken a pledge to plant one million trees in China. We are well on the way as today 324,000 trees have been planted and counting.  Kohler Tree planting 004In India trees are planted at a smaller scale but with no less impact on the environment and the people involved. In honor of World Environment Day on 5 June 2018, the team ventured out into the sweltering heat to plant trees under not so comfortable conditions.   Kohler Tree Planting IMG_6363However, this did not deter the happy planters to make the best of their day and have some fun. The activities took place around the factories in Jhagdia and Gurgaon.  Kohler Tree Planting IMG_6359The UN World Environment Day is celebrated worldwide in around one hundred countries with activities that bring people together to care for the Earth. This year’s theme focused on plastic pollution and picked up from the same theme that was celebrated during Earth Day in April.   Kohler Tree Planting IMG_6382Plastic pollution continues to expand. While awareness is raised, the alarm bells go off when we hear that more than 13 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean each year. Apart from planting the important green trees, taking up the challenge to reduce the use of plastic is paramount for the teams, not just in China and India, but around the world.  End Plastic Pollution garbage-can-2559457_640

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