True Pecha Kucha – Less is more

In December we concluded another round of Pecha Kucha in India. This series of fun gatherings in six cities across India – Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Dehli – with the overarching topic ‘Less is more’ for creative ideas is in its fourth year.

Since the gathering includes the very best architectural minds of the city, architects are keen to showcase their work and discuss ideas.
Such a platform is Pecha Kucha. The term means ‘chit chat’ in Japanese and is translated into a creative presentation format. It is an informal forum where young architects and designers start conversations about design, architecture, art and other topics of interest. In a 20-slide show where each image is only shown for 20 seconds, the A+ architects, celebrity architects, opinion leaders give pointed, powerful presentations on topics of their choice related to the overall theme.
These 400-seconds presentations then spark Q&A sessions and lead to networking among the invited audience of leading local architects and designers.
Some of the presentations are stunningly impressive, such as Dean D’Cruz’s poem on ‘Less is more’. See for yourself.


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