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Life Style Koubu one year project

When thinking of Japan clean air, wood, sustainability, minimalism, straight lines, and small spaces that look grand, come to mind.Life Style Koubu one year project in Fukushima prefectureLife Style Koubu set out to create and design just that in their ‘One Year Project’. At the bottom of Mount Bandai in Fukushima prefecture, the design studio built a small house on stilts. Life Style Koubu one year project at Mount BandaiThe majority of the material used is cedar wood harvested from the surroundings. After completion of the project and building, trees were planted again to keep the equilibrium and contribute to sustainable forestation.Life Style Koubu one year project in Fukushima prefecture at nightThe house consists of two structures: one is the ‘dry’ area with living and bedrooms and the other – the ‘wet’ area – houses the kitchen and bathroom. The two buildings are connected by a small outdoor bridge.Life Style Koubu one year project in FukushimaThe living room has a large window front that allows gazing into nature and contemplation. At the same time, it also hosts a big wood stove that makes it a cozy, comfortable space that serves as the perfect get-away from busy, bustling city life.Life Style Koubu one year project living room and oven

Source: photos are courtesy of Life Style Koubu

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