City of Sky Vanke’s sale center

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The City of Sky sales center of Vanke, a Chinese real estate company, departs from the common design approach of cool, modern, and minimalist retail design to encompass a sense of life experience in the concept.

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The 800 square meter sales center of Unicity of Vanke in Fuzhou Shi, China, united the experience and transitional trends in its building. Formerly, a dark parking garage, the WJ Design, an award-winning architecture practice under the guidance of Leo Hu, reimagined the space completely.

City of Sky China 48843-preview_low_3599-2_48843_sc_v2com

Integrating the surrounding and environment, visitors to the center immediately feel that the design concept comes from the heart and each detail is centered on human experiences. The generous use of glass and the creation of two interior courtyards that are open to the sky allow for optimal transparency and the natural flow of sunlight. And occasional rain.

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The designers took the darkness out of the existing building and added a variety of light options for the optimal users’ experience. The water pool forms a central element that symbolizes flexibility and adds more vitality.

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The use of glass floors adds to the transparency and invites the outdoors in. The reflection of the pool within the large glass surfaces is an additional design element that enhance the simplicity of the structure.

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The design concept that has feeling of space at its core is also a mark of the continuity of the future capturing the spirit of Vanke as an ‘integrated urban service provider’ beautifully. The concept extends to the large eave when entering the main entrance.

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It invites the dreamer to think back of the childhood days when one climbed eaves and contemplated the world below from airy heights. The emotions that are conjured up through this image take visitors of the sales center through the minimalist space adding emotion and feeling.

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Vanke is developing real estate projects in Fuzhou. The sales center represents their approach of architecture that is holding time and memory as a design element dear.

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Source: photos are courtesy of v2com, photos by Qiang Shen and Mungde Huang.

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