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With the new Veil Collection designers looked at the way ceramics are created and used in bathroom fixtures. It is a completely new approach that has not been seen before in the bathroom and the market. Veil Collection 05s542The design is more gestural, expressive, and organic and the products are asymmetric in their forms. They celebrate the material ‘ceramic’ in a profound way.Veil Collection 00s126The idea for the name ‘Veil’ comes from fabric and material. It has a long history in Europe, Asia, and Africa and originally stems from the word ‘velum’ in Latin that translates to ‘sail’. In most traditions, women are depicted to wear veils, but in North Africa, it is customary for men. Veil Collection 1Veil not only has religious connotations but is a sign of respect and often is also a protection against the environment.
Veil Collection zac39713_rgbFor the Veil Collection, the designers looked at the way fabrics hangs, falls, and moves in the wind. They took inspiration from the feather-light forms and wind-blown movement that often conjures up an air of mystery in the eye of the beholder.Veil Collection 53s753Translating this feeling and sense into a solid material is a balance between crafts, precision, and the new ways to work with a material. The innovative material technology Supramic delivers thin-wall edges with improved durability.Veil Collection zac36783_cmykThe designers and engineers worked very closely together to formulate the precise ceramic shapes that they had imagined. The result is something light, delicate, and well-balanced.Veil Collection 27s483Although it looks like the depth of the sink and ergonomics of the tub are just created with the flick of a hand, they are really engineered down to every detail to form something so beautiful and yet functional. Veil Collection 42s373It is that intense work with technology, materials, processes, and design that catapults the team to the next level and the products towards a completely new contemporary style in the bathroom fixture space.

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