First Velodrome in Luxemburg is a perfect landscape extension

Velodrome 45378-preview_low_1018-7_45378_sc_v2com

Nestled within the undulating topography in Mondorf-Les-Bains in Luxemburg, the first-ever velodrome in the country will soon see the light of day. Metaform and Mecanoo, two architecture firms in the Netherlands and Luxemburg, won the international competition to design the multi-sports complex in the small European country.  Velodrome 45377-preview_low_1018-7_45377_sc_v2comThe sports complex will integrate three sports functions: velodrome, swimming pool, and multi-sports facilities. The design was inspired by the surrounding landscape and will serve as an architectural landmark of the city. The criteria for the winning project included the proximity to the future built school, its interaction, and how well the building will fit into the countryside.  Velodrome 45375-preview_low_1018-7_45375_sc_v2comThe team proposed a structure that is as much as possible built underground and integrates seamlessly into the geography in Mondorf-Les-Bains. With this approach, the lateral facades could be reduced and the built surfaces optimized. This resulted in a minimization of the use of material and hence impacted the budget substantially. The energy use is optimized and utility costs can be reduced.  Velodrome 45379-preview_low_1018-7_45379_sc_v2comFrom the outside, the Velodrome appears to be compact, but inside it is a generously built structure with a courtyard that connects the future school, a parking, and the sports complex. The entrance is intuitive and leads to the three sports areas easily.  Velodrome 45380-preview_low_1018-7_45380_sc_v2comThe ground floor is reserved for athletes and students as well as employees whereas the first floor is open to visitors to the Velodrome and the swimming pool. It also houses the cafeteria that overlooks the three sports arenas on the one hand, and on the other gives stunning views over the green landscape outside.   Velodrome 45383-preview_low_1018-7_45383_sc_v2comThe 22,000 square-meter Velodrome volumetry is positioned on the building base and covered by ‘green carpet’ to blend harmoniously into the rolling hills of the region. The clear design language and simple approach convinced the judges of the proposed project by Metaform and Mecanoo studios and the community is excited that the 65 million-Euro construction project will soon begin and adds to the attractiveness of this small spa and casino town in the southeast corner of the country.  Velodrome 45376-preview_low_1018-7_45376_sc_v2com

Source: photos of the Velodrome are courtesy of v2com


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