W Brisbane – five stars descending on Brisbane

W Hotel Brisbane _ Kohler YellowTrace64569©TobyScott

After 20 years, five stars descend on Brisbane. With its June 2018 opening, the first W Hotel in Australia changes Brisbane’s five-star hospitality landscape. The Brisbane Quarter development in North Quay is the perfect location for the 312-room luxury hotel W Brisbane with a quirky twist.  W Hotel Brisbane brisbane-998008_640All the rooms have river views, latest technologies, and entertainment options. The designs throughout the entire property are a melee of dynamic, bold, and local designs and show a distinct style of the interior design studio, Nic Graham & Associates.  W Hotel Brisbane _ Kohler YellowTrace64578©TobyScottThe theme ‘A River Dreaming’ is apparent in every nook and corner of the hotel from the lobby to the dining venues, the pool, spa, and the rooms. Images and analogies of the river, its waves, and ripples pop up in various subtle and not so subtle colors at every corner of the property.  W Hotel Brisbane _ Kohler YellowTrace64596©TobyScottThe artistic renderings are a homage to the connection of the arts district that is not far away and art pieces of Australian artists John Nicholson, Lucas Grogan, and Reko Rennie give it a special touch and complete the picture.  W Hotel Brisbane bnewh-wet-deck-3487-hor-wideW Brisbane is Marriott International and has been known for its exceptional designs in different parts of the world. They stand out not only for their innovative design but for hospitality concepts including rooms like the ‘Penultimate Extreme WOW suite’ on the 33rd floor that is the traditional presidential suite.  W Hotel Brisbane bnewh-marvellous-suite-2846-hor-wideIt features, in addition to every luxury one can think of, panoramic views of the slow-flowing river and the cloud-cast mountains in the distance.  W Hotel Brisbane _ Kohler YellowTrace64591©TobyScottRe-entering the Australian market and Brisbane, in particular, seems to be good timing for W Hotel as the city is growing rapidly and morphing into a more mature metropole. The year-around sunshine and the outdoor lifestyle of its inhabitants are attracting travelers that are looking for luxurious experiences and mini-adventures enveloped in confident designs.   W Hotel Brisbane _ Kohler YellowTrace64594©TobyScottWhether it is the custom design of the timber river reeds staircase leading up to the reception area, the custom furnishing in the rooms, or the WET® deck rooftop bar and the AWAY® Spa, W Brisbane offers guests a sensory environment that is a mere few steps away from the riverfront. They can find music, fashion, culture, and culinary touchpoints in the nearby shopping complex.  W Hotel Brisbane bnewh-arrival-area-5722-hor-wideThe Brisbane’s multiculturalism is cleverly reflected in the modern design style of the W Brisbane that transforms from a serene lounging location during the day to a vibrant, hip meeting place and bar at the night.    W Hotel Brisbane australia-2188147_640If only just for the unconventional design approach of raw beauty, organic forms, and curvilinear shapes, the hotel is worth a visit, combined with world-class hospitality services, it is a must on travel itineraries to Brisbane now.  W Hotel Brisbane bnewh-level-9-2851-hor-wide

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Source: photos are courtesy of W Brisbane, photo credits Toby Scott and W Brisbane.


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