WantedDesign at NYCxDesign

WantedDesign Works by Yilan LIU, Hsiuwei YEH, Zoe ROBERTSON from TRIPLE PARADE Biennale - J Sun

It is a challenge to decide which of the 350 plus events should get attention during the NYCxDesign 2019. The focus is diverted between installations, exhibitions, trade shows, talks, open studios, and more. It’s like the attention is wanted – or shall we say WantedDesign – and unwanted at the same time.


So, homing in on one is a challenge but also a joy. The WantedDesign in Brooklyn and Manhattan from May 16 to 21 caught our eye for their conscious design aspect and thinking. The organizers stress the importance of reducing waste and healthier living spaces to keep in mind while designing.


WantedDesign, a series of exhibitions, events, workshops, and happenings, brings together the international design community of established and new designers and their peers in two of the boroughs of New York. In Brooklyn at Industry City and Manhattan, events around design, prototypes, furniture, home accessories, and lighting unravel with original, human-centric designs curated and organized by artists, designers, and design schools.


The platform within NYCxDesign is dedicated to the international creative community. WantedDesign brings talents from the creative scene of different countries from Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Africa to the Big Apple to share their visions and ideas.

In 2019, the international part of the platform includes an Egyptian pavilion, designers who participated in Design Shanghai and are known in the Shanghai design world, Columbian furniture designers, a pop-up shop creator from Poland as well as Quebec designers and among others Mexican university project leaders.


WantedDesign established itself in the last eight years as a strong supporter of the American and international design dialogue. As part of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), it is a unique opportunity for visitors to dive into the design arena and gather impressions from around the globe.

Keep checking back with us for more information about what is happening at NYCxDesign in the coming days.

Source: photos are courtesy of WantedDesign.

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