First Kohler Wardrobe showroom open in Shenzhen

Kohler Wardrobe showroom 333

Shenzhen, the third largest city in China in terms of economic output after Beijing and Shanghai, is the first location for a Kohler Wardrobe showroom.  Kohler Wardrobe showroom shenzhen-2676132_640On 22 November 2018, the team had the pleasure to inaugurate the wardrobe showroom with guests of honor, selected attendees, and associates. Larry Yuen, president Kohler K&B Group, also attended the opening ceremony and gave media interviews.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom 8The new showroom displays beautiful, contemporary wardrobe designs that fit different spaces in the house.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom 6Whether clients are looking for bathroom or bedroom wardrobes with sliding doors, mirrored doors, drawers or other varieties, the spacious display shop gives a good idea of all that is possible.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom 111In addition, with the mini reservation app, customers can book appointments for home service to get an even more customized service experience.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom real-estate-1883075_640Shenzhen is the ideal city for the first wardrobe showroom due to its proximity to Hong Kong where many customers are looking to design interior spaces, the bustling economy, and the closeness to innovative technology.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom 555Although the 12 million megalopolis in the Pearl River Delta doesn’t see a lot of international travelers yet, the wardrobe showroom is already well set-up to meet national and international customers needs for custom-built spaces including vanity units, bathroom cabinets, and customized wardrobes.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom 777There is a huge variety of this must-have piece of furniture that can be designed as a room divider or a walk-in closet and storage.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom shenzhen-2272222_640As spaces become smaller, using space effectively is becoming more important. The designers and inhabitants are looking for smart solutions to meet the users’ needs where built-in furniture can serve as design elements.  They play with open and semi-open spaces to bring a generosity to even a small room.  Kohler Wardrobe showroom 666The new wardrobe showroom offers clients an opportunity to imagine some of these options within the space. The service and the app add on to close the gap between imagination and the reality of space usage. Don’t miss to check it out.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom vanke-center-2411262_640Shenzhen is an important city for Kohler China in other aspects, too. Recently we organized the KOHLER Bold. Art. event and a KOHLER Design Forum Shenzhen with interesting speakers in this vibrant trading town.   Kohler Wardrobe showroom 222

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