Brand new Bathroom in flood-damaged Wat Ta Kae school

Wat Ta Kae school Z_5963


This year’s ‘One bathroom, one school’ activity of the Kohler associates in Saraburi, Thailand, was devoted to a small school in the province located near the Pa Sak river in South Central Thailand.  Cox Kari <>Wat Ta Kae school is a primary school in the community with few children and even fewer educators.  Wat Ta Kae school DSC_6140The village was severely damaged during the 2011 flooding when the Pa Sak river, a tributary to the Chao Phraya that meanders through Bangkok, overflowed. The massive amounts of waters and broken floodgates caused river water to push into irrigation canals.  Wat Ta Kae school DSC_6011These caused the water to inundate large areas of paddy fields and damaged villages. Repairing the damages from so many years ago is still a struggle for these communities that battle the tropical savanna climate, monsoon seasons and closer to the city poor air quality due to cement production and stone crushing.  Wat Ta Kae school DSC_6068366 schools in the province are probably in need of better bathroom facilities. Wat Ton Tarn was the lucky one in 2017 to receive the gift of the associates’ time and craftsmanship. In 2018, Wat Ta Kae school was selected to receive a beautiful make-over and some new bathroom and school ‘features’.  Wat Ta Kae school IMG_2543The team worked on replacing the sanitary ware in the bathroom facilities, repaired and painted the washrooms and refurbished parts of the school building. Additionally, they improved the electrical wiring and installed some much-needed fans.  Wat Ta Kae school IMG_1699Around the buildings, Kohler Associates got busy landscaping and gardening while others taught a mini-course on ‘energy conservation’.  Wat Ta Kae school IMG_1618Obviously, activities with the kids who were super excited about all these new things were not missing. After setting up the English book corner in the library, volunteers gathered everyone around to demonstrate how much fun learning English was.  Wat Ta Kae school DSC_6166As every year, the team took time out of their personal schedules and contributed graciously to improving the lives of these small children in the countryside.  Wat Ta Kae school countryside-1980938_640

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