Clarity Water Filter Donation 2017 to China, India, Morocco, and Cambodia

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In 2017, the Kohler associates all over the globe collectively ran more than 60,000 kilometers during a three months period. That was 20,000 kilometers more than the original goal of 40,075 kilometers or the circumference of the earth.  Clarity Water Filter Donation 010Each participant achieved at least five kilometers by walking or running to have their distance counted towards the overall objective and the Clarity Water Filter Donation 2017.  Clarity Water Filter Donation 1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2793The Kohler Company management immediately sprang into action and ordered 5,000 Clarity Water filters to be shipped to different locations in the world. Namely, the Clarity Water Filter donation 2017 went to India, Cambodia, China, and MoroccoClarity Water Filter Donation P1060424Earlier in the year, we reported on the donation in Siam Reap, Cambodia, where the Clarity Water filters were delivered to health care centers and schools. In the meantime, the filters have also reached the other destinations in India, China, and North Africa.  Clarity Water Filter Donation 005The Clarity Water filters are an inexpensive, great way to help alleviate the hardship of fetching potable water for families, social workers, and others. In one day, the filter can purify up to 40 liters of rainwater or river water and provide a valuable resource. The children stay in kindergarten or school and have an opportunity to learn instead of having to walk long distances to a water well that often provides less than clean water.  Clarity Water Filter Donation DSC_7848The families set up the filters directly in their homes where they can use them every day for a full year until the ceramic filter that filters the dirty water needs to be replaced. The Clarity Water filters are not only sustainable and handy, but they are also a beautiful design element and a great reminder of truly global collaboration.   Clarity Water Filter Donation 007The first concept was conceived in India out of a need for clean drinking water, they were engineered in England, and are produced in the United States. The material used for the beautiful light blue lids is from recycled toilet seats. The total cost of the Clarity Water filters is reasonable to make them affordable in low-cost economies where they are most needed.  Clarity Water Filter Donation 010The UN Sustainable Development Goal of creating a world where everyone has access to drinking water and potable water has not been reached by far. People around the world including our Kohler associates in many locations where we have factories and offices are contributing to the water filter donation challenge by raising awareness and funds to help alleviate the challenge of accessing clean water.  Clarity Water Filter Donation 1,400 Clarity Water Filters SOO_2835Based on World Vision’s survey, the Clarity Water filters are an excellent way to help these families in need. All efforts will be intensified to further distribute and promote these low-cost, low-maintenance filters throughout the world. Currently, Kohler associates are walking and running in the second Run/Walk for Clarity that takes place from June to November 2018.   Clarity Water Filter Donation P1060446The teams pledged to achieve a total 80,150 kilometers by the end of the set period and the management will thereafter donate Clarity Water filters that can help up to 80,000 people in rural areas to receive safe drinking water.   Clarity Water Filter Donation DSC_7887

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