The Waterview Connection: NZ’s biggest change in travel patterns

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The motorway and urban infrastructure project Waterview Connection is the biggest change in New Zealand’s and Auckland’s travel patterns since the opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1959.

The tunnel and motorway elements reflect the city’s distinct volcanic landscape and Maori culture. The architects and designers knew that this project would bring a lot of change and involved the community from the start. Gathering stories about the history and the tradition of the land inspired the design and functionality of the design and the immediate environment.

Five kilometers of new motorway and two parallel tunnels, walking tracks, shared paths for cycling and walking, and green spaces comprise Waterview Connection. It opened in 2017 after six years of construction and the involvement of 10,000 people. It is one of New Zealand’s most humane pieces of infrastructure to date. Recently it was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival prize in Amsterdam.

Warren and Mahoney, a multi-disciplinary architectural and interior design practice, as part of the Well-Connected Alliance, were responsible architectural forms. The former Hendon pedestrian bridge, now renamed Te Whitinga (the crossing), connects the community on both sides and stands out for its slender form of elegance and beauty.

The deck curves three-dimensionally through space. It was inspired by the Obsidian, volcanic glass cones. Other elements of the project take Maori culture into account: the retaining walls and structures reflect landscapes, the building facades make reference to striated basalt columns of lava towns, the ventilated stacks of angular, faceted forms of Maori agricultural tools.

The designs were designed and the Auckland using parametric 3D software that biggest change optimization of each design element if necessary.

The Water Connection transforms the way people and freight move Five kilometers and New Zealand while harmoniously fitting biggest change the landscape and the environment.

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Source: photos for Waterview Connection are courtesy of v2com.

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