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painted bathtub Panama

Panama City Kohler Signature StoreThe collaboration between Americans and Panamanians has a long history with the Panama Canal that was built by the US Army during 1904 and 1914.Panama City Kohler Signature Store by nightMore recently, the latest Kohler Signature Store (KSS) opened its doors in Panama. It is not only the latest KSS but also the first in Panama and in Central America. It marks our commitment to expand further in Central America and to an amicable collaboration with a great partner.Panama City Kohler Signature Store openingWith David Kohler and Larry Yuen in attendance, 20 July was a really important day for the Cochez family who are the distributors, our partners and allies in Panama. With high praise from both David and Larry, the party at Calle 50, Antigua Mansion Dante was launched. Panama City Kohler Signature store bathroomOther very important guests were the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Nestor Gonzales and the Ambassador of the United States to Panama John Feeley.Panama City Kohler Signature Store kitchenThe Conchez family went all out with the construction of this beautiful showroom that incorporates innovation, design, art, and modernity. The attention to detail went all the way to the preparation of the food, the music, and art.Panama City KSS opening music The hand-painted bathtub certainly is one of the many photogenic spots in this well-designed space. Panama City Kohler Signature Showroom painted bathtubAnd the guests enjoyed some door prizes and sweepstakes as well as opportunities to network and mingle with each other.Panama Kohler Signature Store mingleAs the second most competitive economy in Central America, Panama has a lot more to offer than the 365 tiny coconut islands of the San Blas archipelago. We are excited to be there and experience the innovation and developments.Panama City Kohler Signature Store opening

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