Trend Update : Well-being


Mark Bickerstaffe, UK-based Director of New Product Development, Kohler Co, has recently outlined five leading trends in bathroom design that could inspire your own home renovating project. First of today’s trend is “Well -Being”.

According to Bickerstaffe, there are two strands to the well- being trend leading new architecture and design – Contemplative and Pro-active.

Contemplative well-being prioritizes emotional restoration and carefully selects a harmonious collection of natural material, color and texture. Think natural finish, satin metals, linen, pale pastels and bleached naturals.

Contemplate Well-being encompasses natural finshes, satins, pastels and bleached naturals

Pro-active well-being  is grasping one’s own destiny by building confidence in oneself through physical and mental fitness and working and applying the latest understanding and technology to achieve this. This is being expressed through modern and purposeful design – expect polycarbonate tints and tones, stoneware, technical fabrics and the avant garde.

Exploring variation in textures, tones, materials and styles
Exploring variation in textures, tones, materials and styles

Coming up next is the second trend – Enhanced Everyday. Stay tuned!

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