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The sauna for the modern world combines salt, modern technology, and innovation with well-being. The WelPod conceptualized and realized in Vancouver, Canada, is a multi-sensory, immersive sauna experience and a life-changer.


The modern reinvention of the sauna enhances users’ physical and emotional well-being and adds a relaxing, meditative component to the busy, distracting days of constant phone checking, technology challenges and running around in the hyper-connected world.

The use of natural materials combined with architectural techniques and emerging technologies is the specialty of Circle Wellness Studio. The construction of the WelPod comprises a therapeutic, glowing salt brick wall that encloses the open space of the sauna which can also be used as a yoga studio or a meditations spot.


The salt bricks are mounted in a rail system that allows the wall to be built without adhesive or mortar and is easy disassembled if necessary. The unrefined salt stores heat, cleans the air and emits negative ions that will elevate the mood. It also cleans the air with its antifungal and antibacterial qualities and neutralizes odors effectively.

The natural radiant heat is the most natural path to elevate body temperature. The WelPod is a great place to start hot yoga sessions in the morning or do some serious stretching in the evening after a long day. With pre-programmed heat, sound, light, and airflow the space is also predestined as an oasis of relaxation and rehabilitation.


The WelPods can be stand-alone structures within existing buildings. For example, in Vancouver, one is set up in a private residence near the waterfront in Tofino, British Columbia, in the proximity of bedrooms and close to the refreshing water of the Pacific Ocean.

The approximately 100-square-foot prefabricated multi-functional sauna units can also be built completely independently in a garden or courtyard and the outside walls are customized to make the structure fit in the surrounding.

What are you waiting for? The thermal mass of the salt is energy-efficient and helps conserve power for you and the sauna.  

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Source: photos are courtesy of v2com.

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