With straw and flowers against public urination

Public urination damages infrastructure and makes a mess in city streets that is costing governments a lot of money.
In Paris, the city of light, the Uritrottoir (sidewalk urinal), a sleek and eco-friendly public toilet has been born and is being tried since February 2017.

Over the last two years, the industrial design studio Faltazi created the two-layer flower box aka toilet. The top is a urinal trough planted with flowers and rich compost. The compost comes from the bottom box where one pees on. The urine’s nitrogen and the straw carbon create a rich fertilizer and eliminate the smell.
The pee boxes measure the pee levels with internet-connected sensors to indicate when the straw needs to be replaced. An attendant will get a notification and picks up the waste. The composed straw should later be used as feed for the flowers. The design firm is working on an adaptation for women.

L’Uritrottoir, l’urinoir sec des villes 6/6 from FALTAZI on Vimeo.


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