‘Women Only’s Pecha Kucha in India

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Leave it up to our powerful team in India to get another ‘first’ down on the list. In honor of the International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018, the Kohler India team organized the first Women Only Pecha Kucha event in the architecture and design community. Women only Pecha Kucha girls-995199_640The fantastic event took place in Mumbai, India, and revolved around the topic of ‘creativity has no glass ceiling’.Women only Pecha Kucha india-292_640Seven well-known presenters from the arts, architecture, and design community were cheered on by an almost-all-women audience, all-women cast and camera crew, hospitality staff – you name it – women as far as you could see.Women only Pecha Kucha 15s730 This was the first time in India and in the architecture and design community that Pecha Kucha with its 20 slides and 20 seconds each were reigned by ladies only. And we do have some experience with that since it is the sixth year that we are running these Pecha Kucha events.Women only Pecha Kucha 46s174 The women at the Women Only Pecha Kucha event demonstrated effortlessly that by ‘working together [they] can accomplish pretty much anything,’ as Tisca Chopra, a Bollywood actress and author as well as one of the Pecha Kucha participants, put it.Tisca Chopra On stage, she had been joined by Sonal Sancheti of Opolis Architects, Kohelika Kohli of K2India, Pramiti Madhavji of Ogaan Media and Elle Décor, Aparna Narasimhan of Venkataramanan Associates, Nandini Sampat of Somaya and Kalappa, and Seema Puri of SEZA Architects.Women only Pecha Kucha 39s120The multi-talented women created a lovely atmosphere to spur on interesting dialogue between themselves, the audience and through the social media live feeds with the world. Whether they talked about architecture and design or their personal journeys bypassing or crashing through the glass ceiling, it became clear that each of them lived by the credo ‘choice, chance, and change’ that Seema Puri pointed out during her session.Women only Pecha Kucha india-978488_640 She would know a thing or two about women and their environment as she is not only a Principal and Partner at her firm but has also received the 2016 ‘role model for women in architecture’ award.Women only Pecha Kucha Seema Puri Mullan She was seconded by Kohelika Kohli, CEO and Creative Director of K2India who was also quite active at the recent India Design ID 2018, is a Trustee of the Museum of Women in the Arts India. Her Pecha Kucha focused on passionate observation of creativity and what it is all about.Kohelika Kohli

All of the ladies did a magnificent job. Together the speakers and the audience celebrated this special day for women around the world and also design and creativity within India and internationally.Women only Pecha Kucha 42s101


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  2. Thank you for your message. We have sent you a private email with contact information. Kind regards, Designful Team

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