World Environment Day – India’s tree planting initiative

India Tree planting

Tree plantingOn 5 June we participated in the global movement of World Environment Day. 850 Gurgaon, Jhagadia, Pune, and Aurangabad associates got together on this particularly hot day to plant 5,230 trees near the factories, villages and local schools. India Tree plantingWith these activities we gave back to the land and the land certainly will give back to us. It brings the community together like nothing else. The trees and their shades provide a place where neighbors meet and gather.Tree plantingThe World Environment Day created by the United Nations has been celebrated since 1974. It is a day to raise awareness of nature and the environment and to rekindle our connection to it. This day is now celebrated in over 100 countries.India tree plantingThis global initiative goes hand in hand with our beliefs to “work in harmony with nature and, in everything we do, stay mindful of our responsibility to future generations.” (David Kohler, 2015)
Tree planting IndiaWe constantly strive to align our sustainability practices worldwide to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – one tree at the time.17 UN Sustainability GoalsThe planted trees improve the ecology and environment in the areas by providing more oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, and water conservation.Bamboo

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