World’s largest bird nest – Luxury retreat in Kenya

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Approaching sunset the Rover makes its way through the savannah. In the distance appears a giant bird nest. What? Adventurers might think that they got too much sun on the safari that day, but actually ‘no’. Segera birds nest AfricaThe bird nest like structure turns out to be one of the latest luxury retreat experiences in Kenya, Africa.
In the region of Laikipia, one of Africa’s remotest safari areas between Mount Kenya and the Great Riff Valley dotted with safari lodges and camps, sits a giant bird nest on stilts.Laikipia Kenya Africa mapIn collaboration, Segera Retreat and Nay Palad commissioned award-winning architect Daniel Pouzet to design a one-of-a-kind accommodation that is elevated above the trees and sits next to a river where wildlife gathers for their morning feeds. The two-story, 20 by 20-foot structure consists of a timber frame, farmed wood, sticks, and branches all woven together by the local community.Segera birds nest interior The world’s smallest luxury resort comprises an 8-meter above the ground living room with a round double bed and slatted windows, a roof-top deck with incredible 360-degree views that can be reached through a trap door, and a fully equipped bathroom with solar heated running water and a flush toilet. The interiors are decorated with beautiful objects and materials from local craftspeople and sources. The small building is entirely illuminated with lanterns.Segera birds nest roof topSegera Retreat’s founder Jochen Zeitz and Carolin Dekyser from Nay Palad envisioned an authentic, unique sleep-out experience among wildlife and birds, and near the African star-clad sky. With the giant bird nest in pristine nature, this vision became true.Segera birds nest illuminatedThe room sleeps two persons or a small family, although sleeping quarters can also be moved to the top deck for the more adventurous types. In a stay at the Segera Retreat of five days or more, one night at the bird nest is included. For short-term guests, the bird nest is available per night starting at USD 1,150.

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