Yoshinori – fine French dining in the heart of Paris

Yoshinori Restaurant France 43288-preview_low_3343-1_43288_sc_v2com


The extraordinary melee of East and West of Yoshinori Restaurant stands out among the many small restaurants, cafes, and bars in the Saint-Germain-des-Pres district in the heart of Paris, France. With only 70 square-meters surface combining ground floor and basement to work with the architects Alia Bengana and Atelier BEPG really did a fantastic job.   Yoshinori Restaurant France 43292-preview_low_3343-1_43292_sc_v2comThe former pizzeria on two floors in the bustling entertainment neighborhood eludes an elegance of a luxury property. It was completely remodeled and reinvented. The kitchen was entirely redesigned to accommodate the restricted space and storage room.  Yoshinori Restaurant France 43295-preview_low_3343-1_43295_sc_v2comThe Japanese chef Yoshinori Morie who is a magician of French gourmet cuisine wanted the restaurant to transmit this atmosphere of ‘Japan love for details meets European elegance’ from the second guests walk in the door.  Yoshinori Restaurant France 43294-preview_low_3343-1_43294_sc_v2comThe blending of the French and Japanese culture built the base of the architecture concept for this establishment. The design incorporates wooden screens with repeating patterns and motifs throughout the rooms. It gives the space unity, stability and at the same time an airy transparency.   Yoshinori Restaurant France 43290-preview_low_3343-1_43290_sc_v2comThe motifs and triangles used on the screen structures are focal points that quiet the room. The lightness of the screens enhances the feeling of intimacy and privacy in the tiny room and work beautifully with the vault work of the basement.   Yoshinori Restaurant France 43300-preview_low_3343-1_43300_sc_v2comAlia’s work always centers around sustainable development, the use of local materials, incorporating a maximum of natural light sources, and applying the right context and ecology.  The screens used that also delineate the semi-open kitchen are digitally-cut from lightly bleached MDF oak-plated panels. The openwork screens in the railings and the glass work are supported by oxidized steel structures highlighting the raw material. To achieve the craftsmanship, Bianca E. Patroni Griffi’s experience with artisans from Italy was invaluable.  Yoshinori Restaurant France 43293-preview_low_3343-1_43293_sc_v2comTogether with Yoshinori, the architects achieved a space that is inviting, light and comfortable.

Source: photos of Yoshinori restaurant are courtesy of v2com, photo credits: David Cousin-Marsy.


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