Zero Waste Bistro takes home Frame Award 2019

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The announcement of the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York (FCINY) about the win at the Frame Awards 2019 caught our attention. The Zero Waste Bistro that was commissioned by the Institute for the WantedDesign Manhattan and NYCxDesign 2018 received the accolade of the Sustainability Award 2019 on February 20, 2019, in Amsterdam.

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The Zero Waste Bistro designed by Linda Bergroth was recognized for its design solution that controls the social, economic, and environmental footprint of interior spaces. The temporary project that was co-curated by Helsinki- and Paris-based Linda Bergroth and Harri Koskinen last May was built on the concept of circular economy.

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The circular economy is not a foreign term for the Kohler Company. With the launch of the Crackle Collection by Ann Sacks produced by the WasteLAB team, the circular economy is a reality and dear to our hearts.

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Similar to the Zero Waste Bistro which was a project the FCINY coined ‘eye-opening’, the products of the WasteLAB follow the concept of circular economy, new materials innovations, and sustainable design. It is hoped that they be equally eye-catching and eye-opening.

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Crafted entirely from recycled and recyclable materials using sustainable design pieces and iconic Finnish furniture and tableware, the Zero Waste Bistro was also a showcase for the beloved Nordic minimalistic designs. The table set in the 70 square meter bistro was made from Durant Palace material.

The partners and collaborators on the project were carefully selected through a curation process that focused on their take and approach on sustainability. For example, the Napue Gin that was served during the cocktail hours of the pop-up bistro came from the world’s northernmost Kyro Distillery.

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The Helsinki-based restaurant Nolla was invited to create a food concept that was based on their own philosophy of ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, and only as a last resort, recycle’. They work directly with producers who adhere to this circular economy credo as well. The tasting sessions at the Zero Waste Bistro reflected the minimalistic Nordic heritage. The chefs only used producers who abstained from using packaging.

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The annual Frame Awards are given to the best interiors projects and the people behind them.

Source: some photos are courtesy of v2com

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